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IA, IxD and Usability Testing

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The Challenge

In 2013, Digi-key required a full redesign into a website that can accommodate all screen sizes, and improve benchmark times for interactions around key user flows. The client was located in semi-rural MN, providing the primary economic resources for an entire city. After interviewing several stake holders, users of the current website and other electronic engineers in the industry, we had a good idea of the key solutions and considerations required.

One challenging aspect is that they wanted to keep the final design and implementation in-house, so everything that could not be directly measured, was completely out of my hands.

ux project hero

My Role

As a User Experience Architect I worked directly with a UX director to refine IA, improve usability and ease-of-use without alienating their thousands of daily users researching electronic components as well buying them from this client. I created the bulk of the interaction designs, created prototypes and helped perform usability testing.

The Solution

After working closely with the client on a new navigation structure, we dove right into designing the main user flows and then tested 2 versions against each other with engineers in the field.

Insights gained from iterations of design and testing, we had a solid responsive design catered specifically to the primary personas and measurable task completion times to prove it.