OPTO 22 Automation Controllers

User Studies, IA, IxD

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The Challenge

The old site was fixed width, while 30% of website traffic was on mobile devices. The client also had a market-disrupting mobile interface for their automation controllers, but it was hosted on a different site. The client preferred to steer clients towards local distributors of their products for purchase, but still wanted to leave the option to buy direct from them online. Presently 2% of purchases take place online. Interviews proved that, while there is an eCommerce aspect, the site is used primarily for research and reference by engineers in the field. Distributors constantly referenced information on the site as part of their local sales process as well.

ux project hero

My Role

I was the User Experience Lead, creating the strategy of the redesign effort. I worked closely with the client refining the site’s information architecture and redesigning the layout and flow of the website into a tool that can accommodate new users, continue to be a great resource for engineers, and distributors, in the field, while still acting and identifying as a fully accessible eCommerce website. With more work coming in and piling up we worked with a great outside agency to do the final designs.

The Solution

Provided a fully responsive solution, encapsulating their entire catalog, that provides educational support for engineers and an easy way to get in touch with local distributors while still keeping the ability for users to checkout online.