A Billing App for Small Agencies

Lead UX design, IxD, Usability Testing

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The Challenge

The small agency already had an in-house application for Client and Project info and budgets to be stored as well as for employees to bill their hours. It had been developed over a decade ago and the archaic coding language was unmaintainable at this point. We had searched the market for an “off the shelf” solution but all that we examined didn’t quite do everything we needed it to, or it was so convoluted with options that the learning curve involved did not seem reasonable.

From a usability perspective, the legacy app used had a lot of room for improvement. It was also missing the functionality to be able to consolidate itemized hours for invoicing purposes. This created a lot of headache around the office for Producers, Account Executives and even the CFO. In addition, the old tool had no mobile presence, which would be really nice to have for production workers billing while on the move.

ux project hero

My Role

A UX team of one. Starting with user and stakeholder interviews, I was able to see how this tool fits in with the current business needs, how employees utilize the current tool in place and where usability problems exist.

The Solution

Upon completion, we’ve made it easier for employees to bill hours, producers to schedule resources and removed half of the steps that used to be necessary for invoicing to happen each month. This product is also being developed into a product for sale to other small agencies that have a similar set of needs.