I’m Nate, a UX Architect from Denver

A formally trained designer who’s been evolving with technology.

Solving usability problems objectively, using research, testing, and iteration.

Case studies available upon request.

Designs should be based off of data. Not blind assumptions.

Information Architecture

Lining up business and user goals to organize key information, making the most important content easily found. Knowing your users and how they use your product.


Quick and dirty on paper or a whiteboard, or high fidelity on a computer screen, a product must be defined before it can be designed.

Usability Testing

Testing needs to happen often. No one can become a power user without first being a beginner.

Clickable Prototypes

Click-through, and even fully-interactive Bootstrap, prototypes for testing and demonstrating complex interactions and animations.

Interaction Design

Small interactions add up to be a large part of the overall experience for users.

Visual Design

Concepting, wire framing, complaining, and eventually designing.

Responsive Websites.

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, and some PHP. I’ve also been known to do WordPress sites

Burns Marketing 08/15 - Present
User Experience Lead

During my time with Burns, I've had the pleasure of introducing the UX process to the company. Duties include defining initial scope and strategy with clients, User research, Persona development, User Flows, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, also available for both client and internal presentation.

Davita | Falcon 10/14 - 8/15
Senior User Experience Designer

While at Davita, I’ve had the pleasure of being the design and UX lead redesigning Falcon Physician Electronic Health Recording software for iPad. Falcon Physician is an Enterprise level software application that Physicians use to chart while with patients.

Redesigning an IOS application, that is used at an Enterprise level, has been a huge learning experience in terms of the difference in designing for an Enterprise landscape compared to designing for new users.

Merkle Inc. 3/13 - 9/14
User Experience Architect

Merkle is the largest, privately owned CRM Agency in the country. During my time here I've had the pleasure of doing User Experience and Information Architecture Consulting.

While at Merkle, I had the pleasure of working with brands such as: Dell, TIAA CREF, Schneider Electric, AMEX and Met Life just to name a few.

Photobucket 7/12 - 3/13
Product Design, Experience Design.

Photobucket is a photo hosting and sharing giant. I’ve had the pleasure to be a part of the recent redesign

Photoblog Theme
Device Agnostic User Interface Design.

Designed using Paper, Pen and Photoshop.

Ozone Safe Pest Control
Responsive Website Design and Development.

A simple responsive website that has been a key part to this small business’ growth and success.

Designed with Paper, Pen and Photoshop. Developed using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and some PHP.

Fleet Plus
Responsive Web Development.

This site was designed to be a portal for viewing the status of emergency vehicle outfitting.

Developed using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and some PHP.